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ultrasonic-facialsThe EpiWave Ultrasonic System includes all the benefits of a regular exfoliation or peel but without irritation or inflammation.  Dramatically improves skin appearance and no downtime. Customized for all skin types including Age Management, Hyperpigmentation, Sensitive Skin/Rosacea, and Acne.

The Ultimate Facial is a 3 step Process.

The first step is an ultrasonic peel that removes dead skin cells and debris by cavitating pores with a gentle sound wave. The EpiWave applicator oscillates at approximately 24 thousand times per second.  When water is agitating at high speeds, it produces a phenomenon known as cavitation.  The “pressure Washing” effect gently exfoliates and provides deep cleansing of the skin without any irritation.  The exfoliation creates temporary microscopic pathways through the lipid portions of the stratum corneum preparing for the second step of antioxidant infusions.  With the proper frequency and power density, antioxidants and hydrating topical products can go where they are needed and not simply lie on top of the skin where they provide no benefit.  The final step provides a micro-current treatment to help restore the natural electrical potential of the cell membrane to assist proper cellular function.  This function is also useful for skin that has poor circulation.  Scientists know that poor circulation leads to lack of oxygen, which leads to the production of some of the more dangerous free radicals in the skin.  Results are dramatically improved skin appearance after one to four treatments.

Epiwave Ultimate Facial

(Face Only)   $125

(Face/Neck/Décolleté)  $145

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